I am often asked where I learned to ‘do’ flowers. This makes me smile because I believe I was born to ‘do’ flowers and Wildflowers has always been apart of me, long before it came to life. I didn’t start one day, specifically, but with each stem I picked up, my story began to unfold and my dream of opening a floral shop was written. I daydreamed of opening the doors to a little flower shop in picturesque downtown Fairhope. I imagine you know exactly what I was daydreaming of; a shop just like in the movies, with flowers spilling out and the love story ends happily ever after. I was able to do just that 12 years ago and have never looked back! We started in a small shop on Church Street, and here we are years later on that very same street. Today, we have a little more space to call our own, and our “love story flower shop” is a bit more like a romantic comedy! We have a fun and fabulous team bringing our clients’ visions to life, every day!

Floral design is my passion, but what keeps me pushing to new heights is our team and the people we have met along the way. Wildflowers would not be the fun environment and creative design force that it is without “our people” and we hope to continue celebrating life with you all! 
Cursive writing in a light taupe shade that says "love Stephanie"

Wildflowers Floral Design prides itself on enhancing the overall design and styling of an event. More than just flowers, the meticulous designs created by Stephanie and her team engage all the senses, making any occasion more worthy of being celebrated.